Personalized Name Plate Designs for your Home, Office & Main Gate | Nutcase (2024)

Welcome visitors in style with a Nutcase name plate for home. Nutcase offers the widest selection of house name plate designs in India and worldwide, in materials and sizes to suit every home. Whether you prefer sleek metal, natural wood or elegant acrylic, illuminated name plates or name plates with your favourite deity, we have a name plate to fit your personality. Choose from classic rectangular plates, stylish square plates or whimsical round plates—the options are endless. A beautiful nameplate is the first glimpse into the home beyond, so make a statement with an artful, contemporary design or keep it simple and elegant. However you envision greeting your guests, Nutcase has a name plate design to match. Our name plates are crafted to withstand the elements while bringing a polished, personalized touch to your home's exterior. Our best-in-class customisation software allows you to personalize your name plate in seconds. So simply select your design, add your details and we will ship your ‘very own’ name plate directly to you at your home

Wooden Name Plates - those who like the classic yet polished look at their home entrance

For a rustic touch that's personal yet polished, look no further than these wooden name plates. Handcrafted from durable, weather-resistant wood with a natural finish, each name plate has a classic style that's perfect for a cabin, lodge or ranch. With the option of engraved lettering or Acrylic 3D fonts, these plaques provide the artisanal feel, while the solid wood construction means they'll withstand the elements for years to come. Whether you're looking for a unique housewarming gift, a stylish sign for your vacation home or a creative way to label rooms at your resort, these wooden name plates hit the mark. Their timeless design and natural materials capture the spirit of the great outdoors. After all, when it comes to making a warm first impression, there's nothing quite like wood.

LED Name Plates: Nutcase LED name plate will add a touch of style and elegance to your home entrance. Crafted from premium acrylic with 3D raised letters for a sophisticated look, it features a high-quality LED light with a 1-year warranty that casts a warm, inviting glow in a soft yellow hue. Ideal for flats, bungalows or restaurants, these Light Name Plates light up the space with your family name or monogram in a fun yet elegant way.

Whether the passage area is dark or lit, Nutcase LED Name Plate will ensure that your details and design gets seen - disregarding the ambience light.

God Deity Name Plates for Home: Bless the entrance of your home with your favourite deity. India is a land of gods, and Nutcase truly believes in providing the best designs so that you can have the deity of your choice guard you and enhance the vibes of your home entrance.

Whether you believe in Ganesha or Shiva, Jesus or Allah, our name plates respect your belief and showcase the same on the name plate design.

Metal Name Plates: those who like the modern and minimal name plates

Make a lasting first impression with these elegant metal name plates. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and available in silver or black, these minimalist name plates lend a sleek, modern touch to any space. Choose from a variety of shapes like squares or rectangles, then select a template and customize the text in your choice of 3D acrylic lettering or flat sticker font for a polished look. Weather-resistant and durable, these name plates are ideal for both residential and commercial use. Whether at home to complement your mid-century modern decor or at the office to convey your company’s stylish professionalism, these metal name plates make a statement. A subtle but impactful detail, they are the perfect finishing touch to convey your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Acrylic Name Plates: Minimalist, Modern and yet extremely affordable

Nutcase's premium acrylic name plates are crafted from high-quality acrylic that's as stylish as it is durable. Choose between a 3D acrylic font for an eye-catching dimensional effect or a flat sticker font for a sleeker look. With a variety of customizable templates and colors to select from, you can create a nameplate that perfectly reflects your personal brand or company esthetic. Weatherproof, lightweight yet long-lasting, these acrylic name plates are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Affordably priced, Nutcase acrylic name plates are an easy, stylish way to make a first impression.

Also check out our kids door name plate collection

Home is made by small little additions and kids door name plate adds the much needed quirk and character to your dwellings. These customized door signs will add the colour and reflect the naughty yet nice attitude of your son or daughter.

These also make for a great birthday return gift.

Pet name plate collection

For the pet parents, their pet is nothing less than their child - an integral part of their family. These cute furry four legged cherubs not just own your home but also rule your heart. A pet name plate will reflect your feelings for your silent (and sometimes not so silent) life partners.

Beautiful pet illustration will also inform the passerbys and visitors that they are going to interact with more than just humans.

Made to last and command ‘awws’, these name plates would always be the first conversation that you guests will have with you.

Desk Name Plates

For those who have a customer facing job, it becomes quite important to keep a desk name plate that straight away communicates your designation and name to the visitors. From Lawyers, doctors, CA, Bankers, Insurance Angets, Government Representatives and others - where everyday you meet dozens of visitors, these name plates will become a time saver as your details can be easily read and understood.

Your personalization details are engraved on premium quality acrylic and mounted on teak wood base - ensuring that your details shine through for years.

A great gift for your colleagues as well as your boss.

Personalized Name Plate Designs for your Home, Office & Main Gate | Nutcase (2024)
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