How to Make a Deepfake: 10 Apps & Websites to Get Started (2024)

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Discover the best apps to make deepfake videos and images on your computer or smartphone

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Written byStan Kats|Edited byRain Kengly

Last Updated: July 22, 2023Fact Checked

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A deepfake is an image or video that has been manipulated to appear as something else. Typically, an AI is trained with a large dataset of videos or images on a certain subject or person, and it can recreate new content that uses the person's likeness. You can use deepfake apps to create fun videos to send to friends. Just be sure to use your own images—using other people's likenesses may get you into legal trouble. This wikiHow will show you the best apps to create a deepfake using your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


Lensa AI

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  1. Lensa AI can create AI-generated portraits of yourself and others. This app is available on Android and iOS, and it's perfect if you want to see your own face in varying styles and characters such as a wizard, astronaut, fairy, and more. This app is free to try, but you'll need to subscribe to Lensa AI's premium version to fully customize and save your portraits.[1]

    • The app works by taking 10-20 pictures of your own face and using them to train its AI system to generate new images. This could take up to 40 minutes.
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Deepfakes Web

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  1. Deepfakes Web lets you make deepfakes in your browser. As this online app focuses on videos rather than photos, it could take up to four to five hours to completely train the AI with your sources. After that, it takes another 30 minutes to switch the model into your desired face. If you want to save time, you can subscribe to the app's premium version; this will reduce your processing time to under one hour.



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  1. Reface can be used to change the style of your photos and videos. Previously known as Doublicat, this AI can transform you into a cartoon, create realistic face swaps, and more. You'll just need to provide an image or video for the AI to learn, and then you can choose your desired output from their extensive gallery. You can face swap with GIFs, memes, and even popular movie scenes. This app is available in a web browser, iOS, or Android.

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  1. MyHeritage's AI Time Machine can turn still photos into moving ones. This app was popularized due to its ability to turn old photos into living memories. You'll just need to upload a photo to begin animating. If you want better results, you can always upload more photos to train the AI better. This can be used on your computer, iOS, or Android device, and it's free to try.


Deep Art Effects

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  1. Deep Art Effects allows you to edit any image into a different style. The AI intelligently scans your photos and learns different art styles to apply to your image. You can turn a photo of yourself into a stylized portrait or a scenic photo into a realistic painting. This app is available to try for free, but you can subscribe to the premium version for more perks and styles.

    • Deep Art Effects is available on desktop, iOS, or Android.
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Face Swap Live

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  1. Face Swap Live lets you swap faces with a friend in real time. If you have a friend nearby, you can use the app to instantly switch and edit your faces. Similar to filters on Snapchat and TikTok, you'll be able to move with the new faces intact. This app is free for Android users, but you'll need to pay a low cost on iOS devices.



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  1. FaceApp is a versatile photo editor for your mobile devices. This app is mostly used to edit your selfies for social media. You can use FaceApp's numerous filters to see yourself in a different light. There are filters to make yourself look older, have a buzzcut, smile, and more. If you're curious how you'd look with these features, this app is for you.

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  1. FaceMagic puts your face of choice onto a video. Similar to Reface, you can upload a photo of your face and select from the gallery to create your own personalized video. If you have a friend's approval, you can even upload both your faces to fit a video with two characters, such as Rose and Jack in Titanic. Once created, you can easily share to different platforms with the built-in tools. FaceMagic is available in Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.



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  1. Avatarify can bring your images to life. The AI creates real-time movement with an image of your choice. The image syncs with your facial movements, so it appears as if you're controlling the image. You can even add a song to the saved video and sing along to share with your friends. This app is free, but you'll need to upgrade to the premium version to remove any watermarks.

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  1. DeepFaceLab is for those who want to study deepfake videos. This program is only available on Windows computers. Its user interface is complex, so this isn't the best program for casual users who want easy access to face swaps. If you're curious about deepfake tech and want to research its abilities, this program is for you. You'll be able to create deepfake videos, but you'll need to study the user guide closely to use it properly.

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      • Creating deepfakes of others may land you in legal trouble. Do not use deepfake tech to replicate someone's likeness without their permission. This article is for educational purposes only.


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