Houston Dynamo Football Club and Houston Dash unveil new club initiatives, brand identity and primary badges (2024)

HOUSTON, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Houston Dynamo and Dash announced a significant shift in philosophy and vision today as part of a new, cohesive brand identity that is rooted in the Bayou City, home of the two-time MLS Cup champions and 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup winners.

The organization will now be officially known as the Houston Dynamo Football Club. The Houston Dynamo FC name encompasses the Dynamo First Team, the Houston Dash, the Dynamo Academy, regional youth affiliates, BBVA Stadium, Houston Sports Park and, most importantly, the Club’s fans and supporters. Additionally, Houston Dynamo FC will serve as the Club moniker on first reference and graces the new badge for the Dynamo first team.

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“Adding the term Football Club to the Dynamo name was an important decision, because it illustrates how much we have grown. When we first started, there was only a team, but we have grown into a true club. But just saying we are a club is not enough; what matters is truly becoming a club,” said Club Controlling Owner Gabriel Brener. “Today is an important step, but only the first step of becoming the type of club that represents a great community like Houston. Now we begin the work of building Houston’s club.”

The evolution of the organization mirrors its long-term vision, which is to become a globally-respected club and to elevate Houston as the top soccer market in the United States, and its values. Taking inspiration from some of the most successful clubs around the world, the Club set out to define itself through a series of value statements that take the longtime motto of Forever Orange beyond simply a jersey color:

We are proud. We are bold. We are inclusive. We are leaders. We are creators. We are partners. We are the future. We are the game. We are one club. We are Houston. WE ARE ORANGE. FOREVER.

“Today is a marquee moment for the Club and is the culmination of over two years’ worth of work. In addition to wonderful creative work on the new crests, we’ve also made significant enhancements and improvements in a variety of areas that demonstrate our commitment to being Houston’s team,” said Club President John Walker. “We started this journey by working with our supporter groups to create the Hustle Town alliance, expanding our Dynamo and Dash 365 Membership programs and sharing our Soccer Starts at Home programming with local school districts throughout the pandemic, just to name a few. We know there is much more work to do in order for our vision to become a reality, and today is the next step in that evolution.”

The evolution of the organization into a Club began far before the addition of FC to the badge. After starting life in Houston as a single team in 2006, the Dynamo added a youth academy in 2008. Two years later, the club moved into its own training facility at Houston Sports Park. In 2012, the Dynamo moved into their permanent home at what is now BBVA Stadium. The 2014 campaign saw the addition of a first-division women’s team to the Club in the Houston Dash; and 2017 brought an expansion of the Club’s developmental pipeline with the formation of the Dynamo/Dash Youth Club.

The new vision is visually reflected in the new crests for both the Dynamo and the Dash. Created in collaboration with Houston-based marketing and creative agency 9thWonder, both crests share a unique hexagonal shape, which will also carry over to the Dynamo Academy and youth affiliate clubs, as well as Houston Sports Park.

“This evolution has been a focal point for our Club for the last two years as we strive to exemplify the unique spirit of the city. Houston’s culture, innovation and love for the sport brought us to this momentous day and we reached this turning point with the incredible support of our fans, staff and agency partner, 9th Wonder,” said Dynamo and Dash Chief Marketing Officer Katie Scallan. “Our Club is defined by the city we call home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Both crests share many common elements, including their unique hexagonal shapes and similar font styles which give HOUSTON more prominence than either team name. This was done to serve as a continual reminder that the Club plays for and represents the city.

Hexagons reflect strength, stability and unity. They are their strongest when arranged together, each one making its neighbors stronger and more stable. The six-sided design also gives a nod to the Club’s inaugural year in 2006 and the six wards that made up the original layout of the city. The Club called the Third Ward home for its first six seasons prior to moving to BBVA Stadium, nestled between the Second and Third Ward in East Downtown (EaDo), in 2012.

Both crests also share tributes to Houston’s bayou system, which in many ways is the lifeblood of the city. The channels within the interlocking monogram on the Houston Dynamo FC crest and the blue inner line of the Houston Dash crest each represent Bayou City’s waterways.

Fans can also purchase merchandise featuring the new badges online at HoustonDynamoOfficialShop.com and shop.HoustonDash.com.

New gear is also available for purchase in Houston at the adidas Dynamo Team Store located at BBVA Stadium and the Dynamo Dash Team Shop located at the George R. Brown Convention Center. An exclusive limited-edition collection will also be available at Sam + Davy, located in the Highland Village Shopping Center. For more information on brick-and-mortar store locations, visit HoldItDownFC.com.

The Club expanded its color palette with the addition of Championship Silver to commemorate the back-to-back MLS Cup titles and more recently, the 2018 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup. Electric Orange will remain as the primary color for the Club and the Dash badge is coated in Space City Blue.

The design of the badges was a collaboration between the Club’s creative team, many of whom are native to the Bayou City, and Houston-based 9thWonder. This nearly two-year process began prior to the 15th season of Major League Soccer in the Bayou City.

Off the field, the Club will look to expand its connection with the community by providing leadership through its actions and deeds. Last year, Club owners Jake Silverstein and Ben Guill announced their commitment to building 15 mini-pitches (a small hard-surfaced area, similar in size to a basketball court or futsal pitch) throughout the Houston area by 2024, with the first three set to open in early 2021.

The transition to more of a Club mentality continued with the launch of the Hold It Down campaign that was set in motion earlier this year. Hold It Down celebrates the defiant pride and collective spirit found in Houston. The new brand identity centers around the goal to elevate the beautiful game in the Bayou City, along with more clearly defining the Club’s vision and values.

Houston rapper Trae tha Truth will debut his new single, Hold It Down, later this evening at 7 p.m. CST on HoldItDownFC.com as part of the celebration of the new brand identity.

The festivities continue with additional events over the next three weeks, which include a visit to Jack Yates High School on Nov. 20 to help the school start a varsity soccer program with an equipment donation; exclusive pop-up shops throughout the city; an opportunity for fans to take professional photos with the new crests at BBVA Stadium on Nov. 21; and a new art installation at BBVA Stadium on Dec. 3.

For additional information and a full calendar of festivities, visit HoustonDynamoFC.com.


The Houston Dynamo Football Club is a multi-faceted organization that includes the Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash, Houston Dynamo Academy, Dynamo Dash Youth, Club affiliates, and the Club’s supporters. The Dynamo are a Major League Soccer team that has won two MLS Cup championships, one Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and four conference championships in its first 16 seasons and has qualified to represent the United States in international competition seven times. The Dynamo have advanced to the Conference Championship series seven times in 15 years, the most of any Major League Soccer team since 2006; and the club’s four appearances in the MLS Cup Final are tied for the most in the league during that time span. The team trains on the Memorial Hermann Championship Field at Houston Sports Park (HSP), the premier training facility in Southeast Texas, and plays at BBVA Stadium in downtown Houston. For more information, log on towww.HoustonDynamoFC.comor call (713) 276-7500.


The Houston Dash joined the Houston Dynamo Football Club on Dec. 12, 2013 as the first expansion team of the National Women’s Soccer League. The NWSL is supported by the Canadian Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation. It is the top-flight women’s professional soccer league in North America, featuring many of the top players from the United States and Canada, as well as talent from around the world. The Dash began play in April 2014 for the start of the league’s second season. The Dash captured their first league trophy, the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup, on July 26, 2020. The team’s 24-game regular season runs from April through October, and they train at Houston Sports Park (HSP), the premier training facility in Southeast Texas, and plays at BBVA Stadium in downtown Houston. For more information, visit www.HoustonDash.com or call (713) 276-GOAL.

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  • (L-R) Houston Dynamo FC midfielder Memo Rodriguez and Houston Dash forward Nichelle Prince

Houston Dynamo Football Club and Houston Dash unveil new club initiatives, brand identity and primary badges (2024)
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